I have a love of Web Development in general that I bring to all my work. I am meticulous and am always learning more about my field to both stay current and to expand on my skills. I have about 4 years of experience working in this field plus a couple more years setting up websites and doing marketing for different brands from different agencies from Uniliver, Empact, Bullseye, Brandedge, TML as a part time for my passion later on I find the whole field endlessly fascinating.

Experienced Senior Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry having a problem solving attitude & able to add on new needed skills and knowledge very quickly.

Following All Projects are under my supervision and i am responsible for anything done with them.

These projects are not all responsive because the criteria of the company is to do the responsiveness after making the website live. so, please check the websites for desktop only.

Sno Website Website Type Technology
1Cosmic Air Park Portfolio/Booking WordPress
3Oscar Construction Wordpress
4Ernestine Cloth/Dress Wordpress/Woocommerce
5Fadumamagicshop Shopping Wordpress/Woocommerce
6Manuelgrajeda Property Wordpress
7Food Order Food Wordpress/E-commerce
8Rejuvenationwater Healthy Drinks Shopify
9Smartghar Switches Shopify
10Thermalpatches Joints Pain Wordpress
11Jackson Novel Writter Wordpress/E-commerce
12Sacasa Modern Design Home Wordpress
14Mackbooks Author Wordpress
15Northwest Fitness Wordpress
16Medguide Medical Benefits Of Cannabis Wordpress
17Cflextech Ordering Caps Wordpress/E-commerce
18Dosa Boutique Shoping Accessories Wordpress/E-commerce
19Holiday Rentals Holiday Rentals Wordpress
20Recipes Food Wordpress/E-commerce
21Getlifehealth GET LIFE & HEALTH Wordpress
22Laurenstouch Healthcare Foundation Wordpress
23Andersontourllc Traveling Wordpress
24Clarity99 Coaching Wordpress
25Elite3dmapping Maping Projects Wordpress
26Lifeinahandbag Women Handbags Wordpress/E-commerce
27Envirohealth Envirohealth Wordpress
28Sugarworms Sugarworms Wordpress/E-commerce
29Pinkbaby Cloth Apparel Wordpress/E-commerce
30PURE OB/GYN & MedSpa PURE OB/GYN & MedSpa Wordpress
31Foster Adopt/Rescue Wordpress
33Booknowp Book Now Portal
34Cosmic Air Adventure Park Custom Website PHP
35Intel Digital IT Business Wordpress
36Craftywebz Brand React
37My Sparkling Beauty Sparkling Beauty drinks Wordpress
38Wiltekk Digital Solution Bootstrap
39Zero Limits Sprite GSAP, Vue.js
40Web Design Sigma Brand Custom
41App Creators Hub Mobile App Brand Custom
42App Creators Hub Mobile App Brand Custom
43the little gemsco Educational Mental Support Wordpress
44the little gemsco Educational Mental Support Wordpress
45Talonpro Tech Consultants Wordpress

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